Moulton backs Allred and promotes MA Convention

Over the transom from Team Moulton –

‘Hello Team Moulton,

ICYMI: Last week, Seth announced the second Senate endorsement of the cycle from his organization Serve AmericaColin Allred, running to unseat one of America’s worst, Senator Ted Cruz in Texas. As with his endorsement last month for Ruben Gallego’s senate race in Arizona, Seth has taken an early position in this race, signalling strong support for what could be a surprise upset. 

Closer to home, if you haven’t yet read Seth’s op-ed on how the MBTA’s plan for Widett Circle, check it out here. (Or skip the paywall and listen to him discuss the topic with WBUR’s Tiziana Dearing. In a nutshell: Seth lays out how this could be an opportunity to go big and get the North-South rail link done. 

If you’re looking for ways to get politically involved this off year, there are two upcoming opportunities:

1. Attend an upcoming Democratic Party Caucus. Nearly every city and town in the Commonwealth has scheduled one, where they will choose their local delegates to attend this year’s MassDems convention. This year’s convention will focus on the party platform, and we are hoping for a strong contingent of North Shore and 6th District constituents to be present (i.e. YOU). Please consider attending your caucus and representing Team Moulton. Find your caucus date and location here, and let us know if you have any questions about attending. 

2. Attend an upcoming Team Moulton Ambassadors Briefing. Our ambassadors join a 45-minute monthly briefing from the campaign in order to receive our top messages and share them throughout their own networks and community. Our next Ambassador briefing is Thursday, May 25th at 6:30pm. Sign up here if you’d like to join.
And finally, if you didn’t get the chance, check out Seth’s in-depth interview on NECN’s @Issue, covering everything from the debt ceiling showdown to the end of Title 42 and more. 

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