The Rockport Democratic Town Committee has 35 elected positions.

20-Year Members

After a member has served on the committee for 20 years, they no longer have to stand for election. Our current 20 year members are :  Joyce Fossa, David Wise and Kay Murphey.

Regular Elected Members

Members of the committee are elected every 4 years during the party primaries. Our current regularly elected members, as of March 3, 2020, are: Bob Beattie, Diane Cartwright, Patrick Casey, C Lynn Chambers, Sally Chapdelaine, Shirley Conway, Nancy Jo Delaney, Thomas Delaney, Therese Desmaris, Christine Downing, Maureen Dwinell,  Naomi Foster, Mary B. Francis, Carol Gaudette, Barbara Gavin, Sally Grimes, Hope Healy, Ann-Patrice Hickey,  Lorri Legacy,  June Micheals, Tom Mikus, Thomas Moses, Elizabeth Moulton, D. Nathaniel Mulcahy, Kathleen O’Neill, Mary Alice Price, Jerry Sharfstein, Betty Ann St Germain, Beth Sullivan, Suellen Wedmore, Steven Wood and Heidi Zander.

Associate Members

(none at the moment)