RDTC Meeting and Caucus June 3, 2023

Dear and esteemed members of the Rockport Democratic Town Committee and extended community.

Tomorrow is a double meeting.

The first part of our meeting is open to the public and all are more than welcome to participate.

Following our June Meeting our Town Committee will hold our Caucus and by MassDems regulations this may only be attended by registered Democrats. I’ll have a list printed of the Rockport voters who are registered as Democrat but those who are not yet on that list and wish to participate are more than welcome to register as a Democrat just before our caucus. An Ipad will be available with the link to the Mass Secretary of State for all you wish to register to do so.

In additional news we had talked about reviving the RDTC tradition of snacks during our meetings. I am happy to bring coffee and doughnut holes and if anyone else would like to bring something you are more than welcome to.

As always, the in person part of our meeting will be held in Rockport’s fabulous public library. For those who would rather participate virtually, here below, thanks to Tom M. and so you don’t have to go back and find the old email, is the link for those who wish to participate via zoom.

In solidarity,

Nat Mulcahy

Chair RDTC

June is pride month and while the Town of Rockport will not formally acknowledge it we, as a committee and group, certainly can and should. Let’s not forget the first pride celebration was not with flags but bricks. Our nation has made so much progress but much of that progress is at risk of being overturned.

Now is not the time to be complacent.

Topic: Rockport Democratic Town Committee caucus

Time: Jun 3, 2023 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 848 1457 8671

Passcode: 563120

Ma Dem Convention Caucus and RDTC meeting Sat June 3 RPL 10am

The Rockport Democratic Town Committee will have its Ma Democratic Party Convention Caucus on Saturday June 3rd at 10 am in the Rockport Public Library, Peggy Brenner Friends room. Any registered Democrat who claims residency in Rockport may attend and ask to go to the convention.

This year the MA convention will be a platform convention, as described on the Convention website (https://massdems.org/massdems-convention/):

“On Saturday, September 23rd, delegates will gather at the Tsongas Center in Lowell to adopt a Party Agenda and/or Platform by a majority vote of Convention delegates present and voting based upon the recommendation, subject to amendments, of the Party Agenda or Platform Committee. Resolutions may be developed through a process beginning with caucuses of local Democrats.”

A Rockport Democratic Town Committee meeting will be held after the caucus. We members of the RDTC should remember that our Secretary sent out the minutes for the last two meetings immediately after the last meeting. So, no doubt they are in your email history somewhere. 🙂

RDTC Meeting today May 20

What a wonderful time to get involved in the future of our community, state and nation.

Dear and esteemed members of the RDTC and extended communities,

I am delighted to announce not one but TWO upcoming meetings.  The first is tomorrow Saturday, MAY 20th at 10:00am

.  This is our May RDTC meeting and, as usual, this will be held both virtually via Zoom and in person in the Brenner Room of the Fabulous Rockport Public Library. Come one an all to learn and brianstorm about how we can better work together to help our community shape a vision for the future. 

Topic: Rockport Democratic Town Committee meeting

Time: May 20, 2023 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 890 6030 1056

Passcode: 063910

The second meeting is our annual MassDems Caucus meeting.  This one is a chance for us to have input about the State Democratic Convention (to be held in September) which will determine the topics that the Massachusetts Democratic Party should prioritize. Like all our RDTC meetings this will be a hybdird event to be held both via Zoom (see below) and in person at the Rockport Public Library. Our  Caucus meeting will be Saturday June 3rd, at 10:00 am 

all registered democrats are welcome

The second meeting 

Topic: Rockport Democratic Town Committee caucus

Time: Jun 3, 2023 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 848 1457 8671

Passcode: 563120

In solidarity 

D. Nathaniel Mulcahy 

Chair RDTC 

Moulton backs Allred and promotes MA Convention

Over the transom from Team Moulton –

‘Hello Team Moulton,

ICYMI: Last week, Seth announced the second Senate endorsement of the cycle from his organization Serve AmericaColin Allred, running to unseat one of America’s worst, Senator Ted Cruz in Texas. As with his endorsement last month for Ruben Gallego’s senate race in Arizona, Seth has taken an early position in this race, signalling strong support for what could be a surprise upset. 

Closer to home, if you haven’t yet read Seth’s op-ed on how the MBTA’s plan for Widett Circle, check it out here. (Or skip the paywall and listen to him discuss the topic with WBUR’s Tiziana Dearing. In a nutshell: Seth lays out how this could be an opportunity to go big and get the North-South rail link done. 

If you’re looking for ways to get politically involved this off year, there are two upcoming opportunities:

1. Attend an upcoming Democratic Party Caucus. Nearly every city and town in the Commonwealth has scheduled one, where they will choose their local delegates to attend this year’s MassDems convention. This year’s convention will focus on the party platform, and we are hoping for a strong contingent of North Shore and 6th District constituents to be present (i.e. YOU). Please consider attending your caucus and representing Team Moulton. Find your caucus date and location here, and let us know if you have any questions about attending. 

2. Attend an upcoming Team Moulton Ambassadors Briefing. Our ambassadors join a 45-minute monthly briefing from the campaign in order to receive our top messages and share them throughout their own networks and community. Our next Ambassador briefing is Thursday, May 25th at 6:30pm. Sign up here if you’d like to join.
And finally, if you didn’t get the chance, check out Seth’s in-depth interview on NECN’s @Issue, covering everything from the debt ceiling showdown to the end of Title 42 and more. 

Thank you!

Matt Chilliak
Campaign Manager 
Moulton for Congress
Phone:(978) 809-2757

Paint Stewardship Legislation

The Rockport Election results are in and available on the Rockport website https://www.rockportma.gov/sites/g/files/vyhlif1141/f/pages/tally_ttl_local_election_5-9-23.pdf . New moderator. Same Select Board members.

But… work continues.

Today we feature a letter from Rockporter Sharon Byrne Kishida who is a member of the Massachusetts Paint Stewardship Advocacy Team. Product stewardship is an important part of building a better future. Let’s back this effort!

‘Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Can you Help Me Get Paint Stewardship Legislation Passed in Massachusetts?

We have an opportunity right now to influence our state Representatives and Senators to co-sponsor bills that will reduce waste, environmental impacts and benefit municipalities financially.  Getting bills through the Mass state legislature is not easy, but we can increase a bill’s chances by increasing the number of co-sponsors a bill has.  Numerous co-sponsors don’t guarantee a bill’s progress, but the bill will have more advocates and will be more visible to Leadership.

I am primarily focused on passing paint stewardship legislation, and in our 2023-2024 legislative session we have 3 nearly identical paint bills that have been filed (good news!)  Why am I just focused on one product?  Massachusetts needs a Product Stewardship WIN!  One that will be successful and demonstrate to our legislators that Product Stewardship (PS) laws work.  Product stewardship is foundational to moving us towards a circular economy.  Many of our neighboring states are way ahead of us.  Maine has 9 EPR laws, for example.

The three paint bills are listed and linked below.

H823                   Representative Patricia Haddad                                              

S551                     Senator Patrick O’Connor                                           

S542                    Senator Susan Moran    

Passing one of these bills would make end-of-life management of both latex and oil-based paint easier, more environmentally friendly and less costly for municipalities and consumers.  These bills put the paint industry in charge of managing these products, through an advanced recovery fee at the point of purchase.   Here is the link to a simple one pager about this legislation.

My Ask 

 As a member of the Mass. Product Stewardship Council who represents the interests of municipalities, I am asking you to help us get these paint bills off to a strong start by reaching out to your elected legislators to garner as many co-sponsors as possible.    Please email or better yet – CALL your representative and senator (find contact info here) to ask them to co-sponsor a paint stewardship bill.    (Senators can co-sponsor both senate bills if they want.)  I have attached a sample letter /script you can use. 

An Important ally, the Mass Municipal Association (MMA) also supports this bill through its 2023 – 2024 Legislative Package.

Want to learn more about this bill, how it works and why it should pass?  

A member of the paint advocate team has prepared a short PowerPoint thatone of us can present (zoom or in-person, if nearby) to your municipality, committee, organization, individuals, etc. or that you can present.  Let me know if interested!  

Please forward, share this email with others. We believe that this law – that has passed and successfully implemented in ten other states – is a no-brainer for Massachusetts, and we want as many people to hear about        it and advocate for it as possible. 

Thank you for your consideration.  Let us hear back from you! 


Sharon Byrne Kishida

MassDEP, retired

Member of the Massachusetts Product Stewardship Council

Member of the Massachusetts Paint Stewardship Advocacy Team

978 317 9701


Other members of the Paint Stewardship Advocacy Team include:

Waneta Trabert

Director, Sustainable Materials Management Division for the City of Newton

Chair, Massachusetts Product Stewardship Council

Tom Irwin, DO, SM, ChE

Dalton Green Committee– 



Sharon Byrne Kishida’

Election Related Videos

For Rockport voters, there are 2 great sources of info on candidates for next Tuesday’s election.

The Rockport Civic League has posted its three fora with candidates on their website, http://rockportcivicleague.org/ .

The League of Women Voters of Cape Ann has posted its interviews with candidates for Town Moderator as well as a Select Board debate, http://www.lwvcapeann.org/ .

Both sites have a sample ballot and other election information available.

‘Mail-in’ ballots must be submitted before end of voting on Tuesday. There is a drop-box at Town Hall.

Keep local open-source democracy alive!

Rockport Affordable Housing Trust Meeting Tonight Apr 18

Rockport Affordable Housing Trust
Date & Time: Tuesday, April 18, 2023 @ 7:00 pm
Place: Town Hall Annex
Room: Conference Area

Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) is a mechanism created by state government to improve fudning for affordable housing in MA. It is described on https://www.mass.gov/service-details/affordable-housing-trust-fund-ahtf as ‘

The Affordable Housing Trust Fund has been structured to ensure that many different types of organizations are eligible to receive financing.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants include:

  • Governmental subdivisions
  • Community development corporations
  • Local housing authorities
  • Community action agencies
  • Community-based or neighborhood-based non-profit housing organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • For-profit entities
  • Private employers

The basic guidelines for the trust funds can be found at https://www.mass.gov/files/documents/2016/07/wm/ahtfguide.pdf

‘The Funds The Massachusetts Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) was created with the enactment of
Section 227 of Chapter 159 of the Acts of 2000, now known as Chapter 121D of the
Massachusetts General Laws (the Statute). The AHTF is designed to provide resources to create
or preserve affordable housing throughout the state for households whose incomes are not more
than 110% of median income, as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD).’ https://www.mass.gov/files/documents/2016/07/wm/ahtfguide.pdf

Recordings of previous meetings and fora on affordable housing on Cape Ann can be found at https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=1623+studios+affordable+housing&sp=CAI%253D

The Rockport Democratic Town Committee recommends attendance.