The town of Rockport was formerly a parish of the city of Gloucester, MA.  It had a parish Democratic committee.  Therefore, the Rockport Democratic town committee actually predates the forming of the town itself.

What does our town committee do?

The Rockport Democratic Town Committee (RDTC) promotes the Democratic Party in the Town of Rockport, Massachusetts, with a goal of encouraging diversity and broad participation with respect to ethnicity, gender and age. The RDTC fosters and advances the ideals and aims of the Democratic Party; works and organizes for the success of Democratic candidates; and builds and strengthens the Democratic Party in Massachusetts and within Rockport.

To fulfill this mission the RDTC engages in many activities including communicating Democratic Party values in the media as well as through outreach activities (such as movie nights and lectures); supporting Democratic candidates through canvassing, fundraising and visibilities; participating in local and statewide advocacy as delegates to state conventions and as members of other local Democratic organizations.