Can you help elect the whole ticket? Opportunities abound!

Over the transom from the Gloucester City Committee:


Message from the Campaign Friends and Fellow Democrats!

We are currently 16 days from election day here on Cape Ann and Massachusetts.  That’s right, just 16 precious days until we elect a new slate of leadership.  What that leadership looks like is going to depend on what we do in these 16 days.  Do we sit back and hope and pray that Massachusetts gets it right or do we take action to ensure that our voters get out and vote?  With so much on the line we should not take anything for granted.  WE NEED THE WHOLE TICKET ELECTED!!!

Here on Cape Ann we have a put together a headquarters where you can come and get information and lawn signs.  You can also come in and sign up for shifts to canvas and phone bank.  We are set up here to host phone banks.  All you need is a laptop or tablet and a cell phone.  We have a couple of laptops available if needed.  I know that people feel uncomfortable doing this work, but it is necessary to get our voters out to the polls.  The only way we win is if we do the work. 

I know we feel that Healey/Driscoll is going to walk away with this election and that may very well be the case.  As I have mentioned before we are in for the whole ticket!  What happens if Andrea Campbell is not our Attorney General?  What if William Galvin is not our Secretary of State?  This could be a reality if we aren’t pushing the ticket. 

So here is our ask. We are asking you to get involved in the GOTV process starting Nov 5.  This means going out to canvas and calling Massachusetts voters.  This means joining in on our visibility opportunities.  This is who we are and what what we do; we get democrats elected to office.  We cannot do it without you so how will you help?  Please click the following link and take our survey on what you can do to help us win. .  We will contact you based on your responses. We don’t want to wake up Nov 9 asking ourselves what we could have done differently. 

Bernadette Merenda
Volunteer Coordinator-Coordinated Campaign

Below is a list of all the events that you can sign up for to help us win in November. DO NOT TAKE VICTORY FOR GRANTED. Please sign up for at least one action today! Mobilize links provided!  IN-PERSON CanvassTeam Healey/Driscoll Gloucester Canvass
Meet at Cape Ann Coordinated Campaign Headquarters
44 Commercial St., Gloucester(Between St. Peter’s Square and Mom’s Kitchen, with a large gravel parking lot )  Sunday, October 23, 20222 – 5 p.m.
Register here:
   IN PERSON Phone Bank OpportunitiesTeam Healey/Driscoll Cape Ann Phone BankCape Ann Coordinated Campaign Headquarters
44 Commercial St., Gloucester(Between St. Peter’s Square and Mom’s Kitchen, with a large gravel parking lot) Thursday, October 27, 2022
5 – 8 p.m.
Register here: Thursday, November 3, 2022
5 – 8 p.m.
Register here: Please bring your laptop/tablet and phone to the HQ for phone banking.
Public Service Chair, Mary Kingsley, would like to remind all of our followers and friends that we are still collecting goods for The North Shore Health Project/One Stop program, focusing on supporting housing-insecure folks in our community. Outdoor gear, gloves/mittens/jackets and coats and other items are sought to help folks living rough this winter survive and live with dignity while seeking treatment and care.