Standout for Women’s Healthcare 11-12 Dock Sq

The weekly Standout for Women’s Healthcare (all of it!) continues.

Come join us to thank the voters of states like Kansas who have rejected these abusive anti-woman laws and to support all the good work being done around the country to do the same.

Also… wondering what Desantis was up to with that horrible stunt?

from Heather Cox Richardson’s post today….

‘In the lead-up to the midterms, Republicans have tried to distract from their unpopular stands on abortion, contraception, marriage equality, and so on, by hammering on the idea that the Democrats have created “open borders”; that criminal immigrants are bringing in huge amounts of drugs, especially fentanyl; and that Biden is secretly flying undocumented immigrants into Republican states in the middle of the night. Beginning in July, they began to insist that the country is being “invaded.”

In fact, the border is not “open.” Fences, surveillance technology, and about 20,000 Border Patrol agents make the border more secure than it has ever been. That means apprehensions of undocumented migrants are up, with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recording more than 3 million encounters at the border since January 2021. Those high numbers reflect people stopped from coming in and are artificially inflated because many who are stopped try again. CBP estimates that about 27% of those stopped at the border are repeat apprehensions. ‘