Call Gov About Climate Bill!

The RDTC chose climate change as our top priority last summer. Cape Ann Climate Change has sent out the following urgent request for action. The form makes it easy to add your name (if you have a google account). All the phone numbers are here for your calling pleasure.

2022 MA Climate Bill is on the Governor’s Desk for the Second Time. Passage is still possible but heading into overtime… it’s not too late to influence the outcome! PLEASE ACT THIS IS CRITICAL LEGISLATION!!!!

An Act driving clean energy and offshore wind is taking a long road to passage. The bill was sent to Governor Baker’s desk on July 21. Last week the Governor declined to sign the bill, but rather sent it back to the Legislature with several proposed amendments. Legislators accepted some amendments and rejected others, and the bill was passed by the state Senate and House of Representatives on Sunday, July 31. Since this was the last day the legislature was authorized to meet in the formal session, lawmakers cannot override a potential veto by Baker, who has 10 days to either sign or veto the bill.

Lawmakers “agreed to a common disposition of several amendments proposed by Gov. Baker to a groundbreaking new climate bill for Massachusetts,” Sen. Mike Barrett, D, said in a statement. “Important ideas of his are included, the most notable of which is abolition of the so-called ‘price cap’ on what developers of offshore wind farms can charge for the electric power they produce.”

​For more information on the bill, see the following, Senator Barrett does a clear and complete bill summary and see article from Commonwealth: Sen. Barrett’s summary is here and news coverage is here.

While not perfect, the compromise bill accelerates our transition away from fossil fuels towards clean energy and will be a major step toward fulfilling the Roadmap Act’s commitment to achieving net-zero by 2050.

Cape Ann Climate Coalition is calling on its members to encourage Governor Baker to sign the bill into law.

1) ​Please add your name to our group letter by clicking on the following link:

Click Here to Add Your Name

2) If you haven’t done so already, please call the Governor’s office. Calling is possibly the best way to have your opinion heard:

Call Constituent Services: (617) 725-4005 between 9 AM & 5PM.

Use or adapt this script:

This is __[YOUR NAME]__ and I live in __[YOUR TOWN]__. I am a member of Cape Ann Climate Coalition and am deeply worried about our climate emergency.

An Act driving clean energy and offshore wind includes many important provisions needed in renewable development, and addresses reducing greenhouse gases(GHG) in the important building and transportation sectors, responsible for 70% of MA GHG emissions. This bill addresses equity and planning for the future health, safety and prosperity of our citizens.

Governor Baker, please sign the climate bill into law. We cannot afford any more delays in addressing the climate crisis. Thank you for your time.

3) Email the Governor yourself

Write your own personalized message to Governor Baker, this is also more powerful than a group letter. Submit it via his office’s online portal: Submit a Written Comment. Scroll down to the blocks to enter your name, address, comment. You can use Sen Barrett’s rundown above on the important parts of the bill to make specific comments or just ask him to sign the much needed climate legislation!

Thank you for ongoing support for meaningful climate action in Massachusetts!