Postcards Work! Rockport pickup Tuesday, July 26

Over the transom from SwingLeft…(Thanks Diane Vella!)

‘Dear Swing Left North Shore/Cape Ann –

This week we will do one more round of postcards with Reclaim Our Vote writing to Black voters in Polk County FL and getting them out to vote in the August 23 Florida primary. 

Due to increased gerrymandering in Florida, many Black voters have been redistricted into deep Blue areas. Voting in the primary could be their only meaningful opportunity to choose leaders aligned with their values.  We also know that voters who vote in a primary voting are much more likely to vote in the general election. The voters we are writing to may be at risk of being de-registered if they miss two federal elections. 

The issues prioritized in the script (censorship in education, affordable housing, jobs, and voting rights) were provided by the Black-led organizations that Reclaim Our Vote works with in Florida. We include information about early voting and bringing ID to avoid Election Day challenges and intimidation. 

Packets are of 20 postcards which is good because the message is not short and the addresses are handwritten.   Mail between August 1 and 8.   $2/packet to me – cash, check or Venmo @Alix-Smullin. Feel free to sign up for more than 1!

Postcard pickups and RSVPs as follows:

SALEM Monday, July 25, 10am-6pm, 45 Essex St (pickup on patio off Hardy St), RSVP

BEVERLY Tuesday, July 26, 10am-6pm, 63 Baker Ave, RSVP

MARBLEHEAD Tuesday, July 26, 10am-6pm, 10 Surf St, RSVP

ROCKPORT Tuesday, July 26, 1pm-6pm, 17 King St, RSVP

IPSWICH Wednesday July 27, 10am-6pm, 9 Prescott Rd, RSVP

LYNNFIELD Wednesday, July 27, 10am-6pm, 4 Pyburn Rd, RSVP

GLOUCESTER Thursday, July 28, 10am-6pm, 18 Perkins St, RSVP

MANCHESTER Thursday, July 28, 12:30pm-6pm, 89 School St, RSVP

SWAMPSCOTT Thursday, July 28, 10am-6pm, 22 Woodbine AveRSVP

DO YOU HAVE A GROUP OF POTSTCARDERS YOU WANT TO DISTRIBUTE TO YOURSELF?  You can sign up HERE for 5 or more packets and arrange how to get your packets from me or say which pickup works for you.

Questions: email or text/call 781-696-6188.

Thanks!! Alix, Chris, David, Diane, Elizabeth, Kate, Lynn, Ruth and Sandy