Standout Today June 25 – Dock Sq 11am

From the chair last evening:

Dear fellow RDYC members,

Today was a dark day for our nation, and while it is tempting to place the blame on the Orange pustule that occupied the White House during the last administration we, as a party, must admit our failings and how those contributed to today’s catastrophic SCOTUS ruling. We’ve had 50 years to codify Roe v Wade but we didn’t.  We, at one time, had a supermajority in both the House and Senate and still we failed to codify Roe v Wade. And just last month, in Texas, our Party Leaders came out in force to back Pro-gun, anti-abortion Henry Cuellar VS pro gun controll pro a woman’s right to choose, Jessica Cisneros.  

On a very personal note, if abortion for any reason had been banned here, as it is in Afghanistan and Malta ( I would be a widow and Pina and Fede would never have been born.  How on earth can those who are celebrating today’s decision claim they are “pro life”??? 

Yesterday’s decision to strike down NY’s gun law that had been saving lives since 1911 and the implication of what SCOTUS may do to our own rights is terrifying. When we see how today’s ruling included a foreshadowing of the next rights to be targeted I fear that this week is only the beginning of the USA’s own dark ages and, given the ages of three Supreme Court Justices, this dark period could last longer than I have on this earth. 

But “could” is a marvelous word and it’s why I’m writing to you today.  It would be easy to give up, it would be easy (and privileged) to move to another nation but, at the risk of sounding overly patriotic, in the flickering light of the figurative flames from our burning constitution I can still catch glimpses of the good so many of us have fought for for so long. My hope is not yet spent and I trust that in each of us there is still some too. We can still fix this but it will not be easy. We must commit to only supporting those with the courage to not only stand for what we believe in but are willing to fight for it. We cannot allow ourselves to be tempted by easy paths like Cuellar, Manchin or Sinema.  I still have some fight left in me and while I do have to leave tomorrow for a difficult trip I am grateful for the passion and constancy of our Naomi and Hope. To not miss my flight, i have to leave at 12 but I will be there at 11:00, tomorrow (Saturday), in Dock Square with Naomi and Hope, I will be there because we can not let them think for a second that we’re defeated, I will be there because Pina deserves to have access to the same lifesaving procedure that saved her mamma, and I will be there with Hope and Naoimi because together we are stronger. I hope you’ll join them too. 

In passionately felt solidarity 


Chair RDCT