1.2 Trillion infrastructure bill signed into law!

Heather Cox Richardson said it best this morning…

“Since 1981, we have badly underinvested in our infrastructure as we turned to private investment to develop our economy. In order to stimulate that private investment, we have focused on cutting taxes on the wealthy, but the promised investment never materialized. Now our bridges are crumbling, and some of our water pipes are still leaching lead into our drinking water.

The new law commits $550 billion in new spending, along with monies from other appropriations, to rebuild the hardscape of our infrastructure. It provides:

$73 billion to upgrade the country’s electrical grid,

$66 billion for high-speed internet access across the country,

$47 billion to fight wildfires and protect coastal zones from flooding in the new global climate conditions,

$21 billion to clean up contaminated rivers and lakes and other polluted sites (including abandoned mines, whose private owners left poisons behind when they left),

$15 billion to get rid of lead pipes in drinking water,

$75 billion to build charging stations for electric vehicles, and

$2 billion to bring transportation to rural areas.

To accomplish all these things, it will create good jobs across the country.”


Great work everyone! Now we have the funding to build for the future. Let’s get to it.