More Virginia GOTV opportunities from Swing Left North Shore

Dear Swing Left North Shore/ Cape Ann – 

We sent about 10,000 postcards to VA – to encourage early voting, get out the vote for Virginia Beach House of Delegate candidates and test a message to motivate voters concerned about climate change to oust their Republican state Delegate who had voted against important climate measures.

Everyone is focused on VA for the next 12 days and there are a lot of great actions to join. e will have postcards for the Freedom to Vote Act the week of Nov 8, but please try to join in at least one of the activities below being conducted by the most effective grassroots organizations to make sure we win in VA:


Getting out the core voter is critical in low-turnout elections like Virginia’s upcoming elections on November 2nd. Republicans are working to win back the governor’s seat and the state legislature. Early voting has already started! Swing Blue Alliance is working with Sister District MA/RI to call voters to give them information about early mail-in and in-person voting and recruiting volunteers to canvass.

Join a Sister District MA/RI phone bank Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.


We only have two weeks remaining in this election, and voter turnout is in need of a boost, especially in communities of color, the focus of our phone banks!

Start making calls on your own time, 9am-8pm ET or, if you’d like to make calls with others at another time, or need a more personalized training, come and join any of our guided phone banks on mobilize – –  sign up for our current phone banks here.PEOPLE FOR THE AMERICAN WAY

Glenn Youngkin’s extremism stands at stark opposition to the values of Virginia voters, but unless we’re able to increase voter turnout in the upcoming election, he has a chance of beating Terry McAuliffe!

Sign up now to help get out the vote in Virginia by calling or texting voters – the election is just a few weeks away! 

Let me know how it goes – if you send a brief report of your experience I can share them and hopefully that will encourage others to give it a try.   Let’s head in to 2022 with a big win in VA!!

Thanks! Alix