Swing Left Climate related Postcard event – Rockport, Sept 21

Our local Swing Left group is organizing another round of postcard writing. The Rockport event is on Sept 21st, but there are events around the Cape.

I will let the group explain in a letter that came over the transom this morning, from Swing Left.

… I think that most of our projects between now and November will be geared toward the VA state elections – to make sure we hold the VA House of Delegates and elect Democrats to statewide office.

Through our Swing Left Greater Boston (now Swing Blue Alliance) contacts, I have signed on to a project being conducted by Sister District Action Network.  The project is a well-designed experiment to determine if voters who have high scores in support of a specific issue and who don’t always vote will turn out in greater number (and hopefully in opposition) if they know that their Republican incumbent votes against their position on that issue. If this turns out to be effective it could be a great tool in 2022. If you want the details, go to the last section of these slides (the section entitled “Votes and Values):  Sister District Postcard Program training slides.  

Our postcards will be to voters who are strongly in favor of addressing climate change.

I have 100 packets of 25 postcards and hope to get them all out next week so we can do another round.  You will need to return them to the pickup host or me because they will be sent to a central location and mailed from VA. $2.50/packet to me and you will need 25 postcard stamps (and let me know if you want more than one packet in the convenient spot at the sign up link!).Pick up schedule and RSVP links:

SALEM:  Monday, Sept 20, 10am-6pm, at Chris Malstrom’s, 45 Essex St (Pick up on patio off Hardy Street), RSVP https://www.mobilize.us/swingleftnorthshore/event/414108/

MARBLEHEAD: Tuesday, Sept 21, 10am-6pm, at Lynn Nadeau’s, 10 Surf St, RSVP https://www.mobilize.us/swingleftnorthshore/event/414110/

ROCKPORT: Tuesday, Sept 21, 3pm-6pm, at Diane Vella’s, 17 King St, RSVP https://www.mobilize.us/swingleftnorthshore/event/414284/

BEVERLY: Wednesday, Sept 22, 10am-6pm, at Ruth Rich’s, 63 Baker Ave, RSVP https://www.mobilize.us/swingleftnorthshore/event/414288/

MANCHESTER: Wednesday, Sept 22, 10am-6pm, at Sandy Bodmer-Turner’s , 89 School St, RSVP https://www.mobilize.us/swingleftnorthshore/event/414289/

GLOUCESTER: Thursday, Sept 23, 10am-6pm, at Elizabeth Bish’s 18 Perkins St, RSVP https://www.mobilize.us/swingleftnorthshore/event/414290/

SWAMPSCOTT: Thursday, Sept 23, 10am-6pm, at Alix Smullin’s, 22 Woodbine Ave, RSVP https://www.mobilize.us/swingleftnorthshore/event/414294/

Thanks!!! Chris, Lynn, Diane, Ruth, Sandy, Elizabeth and Alix “