Postcards for early voting – multiple opportunities

From Swing Left North Shore/Cape Ann – 

I hope you are all having a great summer AND can find a little time for postcarding!!!

I was on a call with Andrea Miller at Reclaim our Vote last week and she projected that to maintain pro-voting rights statewide officer holders and House of Delegates in VA, turnout might have to be HIGHER than in the presidential race!!!!! With 45 days of early voting (starting Sept. 17) it is time to get started. (Remember, Reclaim our Vote is a non-profit. We will be writing to inconsistent voters in communities of color where they will disproportionately support the Democratic candidates.)  Mail date Sept. 1.

Pick up packets of 30 postcards ($3 – cash, check or Venmo @Alix-Smullin) and you’ll need 30 36-cent stamps (you may want to order a bunch postal rates increase August 29). Smaller packets than the last few projects – but more writing.

SALEM Monday, August 9, 10am-6pm, home of Chris M, 45 Essex St, RSVP

ROCKPORT Tuesday, August 10, 3-6pm, home of Diane V, 17 King St, RSVP

MANCHESTER Wednesday, August 11, 4-7pm, home of Sandy B-T, 89 School St, RSVP

MARBLEHEAD Wednesday, August 11, 10am-6pm, home of Lynn N, 10 Surf St, RSVP

GLOUCESTER Thursday, August 12, 10am-6pm, home of Liz B, 18 Perkins St, RSVP

SWAMPSCOTT Thursday, August 12, 10am-6pm, home of Alix S, 22 Woodbine Ave, RSVP

IF YOU SEE A PACKET MARKED S1 – NH OR DE – and you could get it right out please feel free to take it instead or in addition – we have a few to finish up sooner rather than later. The Reclaim our Vote don’t need to be mailed until Sept 1 (and not earlier).

Thanks!!!! Alix, Chris, Diane, Liz, Lynn, and Sandy