Health Matters – Compassionate End of Life Care

One of our town co-chairs has written to remind those who might be calling MA State Representatives and Senators about supporting the MA compassionate end of life options legislation, that the bill numbers have been updated. The new bill numbers are: House- 2381 , Senate – 1384

If you are new to this issue, a couple of videos may provide a gentle introduction. If you are working on this issue and have videos to recommend, please let the admins know.

In this video, Western Mass. Death with Dignity Director John Berkowitz and Dr. Douglas Barnshaw, speak to New England Public Media’s Carrie Saldo in July of last year.

There is also a US Senate bill related to this issue which was introduced by Sen Blumenthal back in Dec 2020.

The Federal bill would provide funding for education of both consumers and professionals, as well as create modifications of Medicare and Medicaid to adjust for new practice.

In this video, Kelli Garber, Amanda Hudgins, Tara Lester, Sheneka Jones Tucker, Kara Liechty, and William Onieal who are Doctorate of Nursing Practice students at Old Dominion University, provide congressional testimony in support of the Federal bill.

NURS 809 Congressional Testimony Group 3 March 28, 2021