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2021 New Possibilities – Using the book Drawdown as a guide to solutions

The new MA Climate bill, recently signed by the Governor, and Biden’s national infrastructure plans, still working their way through Congress, will provide new funding, resources, training programs and tax deferrals for Climate related projects.  But, which changes to technology and practice will provide that largest bang for the buck?  Which projects are doable right now?  Which projects are most relevant to our coastal community?

We could look to Drawdown, a book whose subtitle tells that tale:”The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse Global Warming”, edited by Paul Hawken (remember Smith and Hawken) See https://drawdown. org/

This book details which sectors create the most climate changing emissions and which solutions are ready to go right now.   

For a short introduction to the book watch….Meet Katharine Wilkinson of Project Drawdown | One Small Step | NowThis (… On this One Small Step Spotlight, Lucy sits down with Katharine Wilkinson, the senior writer for the book that’s been called the most comprehensive plan to ever reverse global warming.

For a longer take on the book, watch Drawdown 101 — An Introduction to the Science of Climate Change Solutions ( Join Dr. Jonathan Foley, Executive Director of Project Drawdown, as he describes the Drawdown Climate Solution Framework. .

Rockport Relavant:

A couple of possibly Rockport relevant efforts have been identified.  We have an abundance of a few items e.g. water and the potential energy of uphill reservoirs. We have ocean frontage with aquaculture possiblities.  We have empty roofs of empty houses during the winter.

Should Rockport look into aquaculture of seaweed?

Sustainable aquaculture: Efforts to Develop a Seaweed Aquaculture Industry in New England ( Seaweed doesn’t have the destructive environmental impacts that fish aquaculture frequently entails.

Or could we use seaweed/ algae as a plastics solution?

How Algae Could Become a Solution to the World’s Plastic Problem | The Wire

Should we look into ‘small’ scale hydro? We store our water up hill already.

Micro Hydropower : Turbulent Turbines

If you would like to just sit back and watch all the videos in the page without clicking around… see the Drawdown youtube list.