Rockport Dems in the 2019 4th of July Parade

The Rockport Democratic Town Committee will be marching again in the 4th of July Parade. We will be marching with the Issues Lifeboats again.
(See “Be The Lifeboat” for explanation)
We welcome marchers of all ages to come join us and carry an issue lifeboat. Meeting at the Rockport High School at 5pm July 4th.
We have 2 sided signs with the following issues that the Democratic Party fights to save or secure, on them:
Accountability       •     Medicare
Affordable Health Care •   Truth Matters
Protect Voting Rights • Safe Schools
Support Our Troops   • Keep Families Together
Protect Our Values   •  Equal pay
Universal Health Care  •  Prevent Gun Violence
Affordable Housing  •  Principled Leadership
Social Security    •   Living Wage
Support LGBTQ Rights  •  Medicare
Support Working Families •   Debt Free College
Checks & Balances  •  Equal Rights
Support DACA   •  Compassion for Refuges
Fair Taxes   •  Criminal Justice Reform
Fair Voting Districts   •   Support Small Businesses
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