Gloucester Democrats meet June 9 at 7:30pm

Education reform to be June topic 
     The guest speaker for our monthly meeting on June 9 will be Ed Moscovitch. Ed is one of the most respected thinkers on education in the nation. Ed earned a BA from Oberlin College PhD in economics from MIT. He was director of the state budget under Gov. Francis Sargent, and has served as executive director of the Massachusetts Municipal Assn. A consultant on economics and public policy, he was one of the key figures in drafting the 1993 Massachusetts education reform law. Eleven years ago, Ed co-founded the Bay State Reading Institute of which he is currently executive director. The institute has brought its innovative program on improving literacy to 52 Massachusetts elementary and middle schools and more than 22,000 students. 
     Ed believes that the single most important thing teachers run a classroom so every child is challenged. “It is most important to raise your expectations for what a child is going to do. We must engage his mind at the right level as much as possible. Ed is a resident of Annisquam.